Legalize Freedom Sweatshirt

The design printed on these sweatshirts represents our mission, which you can wear and carry around with you.



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Description: A sweatshirt, a message of freedom.

The design printed on these sweatshirts represents our mission, which you can wear and carry around with you.

Since the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary was founded we have told you many stories.

These stories have traveled all over the world, and it is through these stories that thousands of people have been able to see animals from a completely different perspective.

We wish these stories were the norm, yet they are still exceptions.

For each of the animals that have won freedom here, billions are still captive to a system of production and consumption, an economy, a political system, and a culture that regards and represents them as numbers, objects, and products.
The ear tags animals are forced to wear even after crossing this threshold remind us of this every day.

We have made great progress over these years, thanks in part to each one of you.
But the road ahead is still long.

Sanctuaries do not have an easy life and still lack legal recognition. They are not legitimized to exist, by a system that normalizes and legitimizes instead violence and oppression. Yet they exist and resist every day, facing new challenges and continuing to carry out their mission.

We feel that what we have done so far is not enough.

Sanctuaries are fantastic places to spend wonderful days in contact with nature. They are everything you see in the videos and photos we post every day: a reality that many of you already know and personally support.
But they are mainly places where a revolution and a profound transformation are taking place. Where animals removed from multiple forms of exploitation finally find a chance to exist, to live their own lives, to regain their freedom and dignity, individually and collectively.

They are the protagonists of the stories we tell: those who freed themselves or were helped to free themselves from human exploitation.
What we try to do, in addition to assisting them by all means available, is to amplify their voices and make sure these stories reach far and wide.

That’s why we want to continue to grow. To welcome new animals and give them back the space they deserve. But also to create a place of meeting, culture, and education that can have an ever greater impact on human society. And our activism will also grow, beyond the physical boundaries of this place. It will grow our communication. We will grow our initiatives, our events, and the stories we tell you.

Help us amplify these stories, and spread the message that sanctuaries carry out.

We want a world where liberation is not just an exception to the rule.
We want a world where freedom is no longer outlawed.

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