When a free-range animal sanctuary comes to life, it cannot stop.

Just as a stone thrown into water inevitably forms circles that expand further and further, the time inevitably comes for a sanctuary to expand from its initial space.

For the Free Goat Sanctuary All that time has come.

In the last period we have taken in many animals rescued from exploitation also thanks to your constant support.

Our goal is to continue to take in many more animals, but how will we be able to do that if space-which is already starting to get tight-will run out?

And then, if a sanctuary is to be the image of the future we want, this future has to be created, and in order to achieve it, we need to grow.

This growth among other things will bring great benefits that go far beyond what we do in the sanctuary.

If you haven’t visited us yet or if you don’t have a good idea of what the sanctuary area looks like, let us give you some context.

The shrine extends under a mountain.

Part of this mountain is shared with land that belongs to another person-a hunter.

This hunter decided to sell his property, so buying it to expand the sanctuary would have even greater significance.

Unfortunately, over the years his repeated firing has driven away all the animals on the mountain.

With our project, we like to think that we will realize the Mountain Free All: a peaceful oasis where some of the Sanctuary’s inhabitants can go during the day, where wild animals can repopulate, and, which certainly doesn’t hurt, a mountain without hunters!

Wildlife species that formerly inhabited the mountain above us will be able to reapproach and regenerate their new safe habitat.

Donate a Sod to the Sanctuary

The Montagna Libera Tutti project, together with the sanctuary’s existing reforestation project, will return this place to being the perfect place for the species that inhabit and will inhabit it.

All this will bring many wonderful new things that will directly touch you as well. You who follow us, who support us and who have allowed us to come this far.

Expanding will mean being able to arrange more scheduled visits, more special events and… drum roll: making a camping area to accommodate you at certain times of the year!

We have a dream, and we want you to keep dreaming along with us.

The goal to be achieved is very ambitious, so now more than ever we need your support for the campaign named “Donate a Sod to the Sanctuary.”

To help the Free Goat Sanctuary All expand you can make a simple donation for one or more sods.

After the donation you will receive the certificate showing the piece of the puzzle you are helping us build. You can print it out or share it to inspire other people to donate sod.

Your thoughts ❤️

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