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You can support us in many different ways

Make a recurring or one-time donation.

Donating is the most direct way to help. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring payment. With recurring payment, you will ensure your month-to-month support and can cancel whenever you want.

How much to donate? Here every help, even the smallest is really valuable.
To give you an idea of the sanctuary’s expenses:

  • With 15 euros you can guarantee 20kg of animal feed out of the 160kg that is used daily;
  • With 30 euros, in addition to guaranteeing 20kg of animal feed, you will also be able to guarantee 20kg of birdseed for hens, chickens and turkeys;
  • with 60 euros you can guarantee one of the hay bales that feed the cows daily;
  • with 300 euros you donate a day of meals to the entire sanctuary.

Distance Adoption

Adoptions are one of the most meaningful and engaging ways to support the sanctuary and its residents: each of them has a unique story and personalitythat you will help us make known, celebrate and defend. 

As an adopter, you will receive a certificate of adoption and regular updates on their life journey and growth.

Buy our merchandise

You are not just buying a simple T-shirt, a simple mug, or a simple bag. Make known the Sanctuary symbols to the world. Join us. 

Support us with just 1 euro per month!

Can you imagine if all the people who follow us donated JUST 1 EURO A MONTH?
With Teaming, it’s possible: a form of solidarity that is very sustainable and accessible to all!

With 1 euro a month we can’t do much individually, but…what if we multiply this small amount by a large number of people? Unity is strength: all of us together can accomplish great projects!

It is exactly on this principle that Teaming works: a platform that allows you to support causes like ours with JUST 1 EURO PER MONTH, with no deductions or fees!

By joining our Teaming you will help us achieve economic independence.

Become one of our partners

There are many ways in which we can collaborate and encourage a path of awareness and encounter with animals.

Would you also like your company to do more to make a change?


Would you like to help with the daily care, maintenance, and cleaning of the Sanctuary?
Or maybe would you like to join our super team during events and public open days?

Sign up now on RomAltruista! After registering, search for “Capra Libera Tutti” to view the full calendar of volunteer days and select your preference.

We will contact you shortly to get to know each other better and give you all the info you need to visit us!

Solidarity wedding and celebration favors

Leave a memento of your special day with our sympathy favors!

Share your commitment to freedom for all living species with the people you love: through this gesture you will concretely help the Free Goat Sanctuary All by contributing to the feeding and care of over 500 animals saved from exploitation!

To make sympathy cards and favors write to us at

Make a will!

Bequeath a more just future for so many animals!

Including a bequest to the Capra Libera Titti Sanctuary in your will is a simple gesture but one of immense value. With your legacy of solidarity, you will stand by our side to help us welcome and  defend new generations of free animals!

You can choose to allocate a sum of money, movable property, real estate, a life insurance policy, your severance pay, your entire estate, or a percentage of it. 

Write us for more information at

Fai testamento in favore degli animali

Private parties and location rental

Our new event area is an enchanting space where you can spend a wonderful day in harmony with nature: the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding or even hold a corporate event.

Selecting the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary as your location will be a way to support us and share a unique memory with your guests: encountering free animals will make your day truly unforgettable!

Write us to organize your private event at


The project will return the mountain where the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary resides to be the perfect place for the species that inhabit it and will inhabit it.

The goal to be achieved is very ambitious, so now more than ever we need your support for the campaign named “Donate a clod of earth to the Sanctuary.”

Donate your 5x1000

at the Free Goat Sanctuary

Just enter the tax code 94083710585 on your tax return to help the animals at the sanctuary.

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Click below to follow us on Facebook for updates on events open to the public and what also becomes a reality thanks to your support.

You can also do so on the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary’s Instagram profile and watch the stories to get inside the daily life of the Sanctuary and discover the amazing new adventures of Kruzco, the llama influencer.

Tax code: 94083710585