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Thomas and the goats

Thomas is the progenitor of our large multi-species family; co-founder of the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary and accomplice in the first real liberation, the one that determined its birth and name!
Goats were the first animals to officially take refuge in the Sanctuary and today they certainly constitute its largest and most vibrant group. They are genuine free spirits, and their daily lives are pure expressions of freedom and independence, which they jealously and contemptuously defend.
They spend most of their time in the mountains, wild, defending a “secret” corner of life that we are not given to know completely. During their raids in the boundless pastures of the mountain over the Sanctuary, the goats are escorted by Baba, who follows their tracks making sure that no outsiders harm them and especially checking that they are not the ones making trouble in the surrounding lands!
One goat alone is sad, two goats are sweet, and three goats make trouble. A herd of goats is a criminal conspiracy. If a goat wants something, they take it: if they want to go somewhere they go there, even defying the laws of physics. Useless to oppose!


Thomas and the goats



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