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The Dwarf Goat Gang

The Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary is continuously growing. Our mission of welcoming and caring is unstoppable!

Animals arrive here in various ways, but by now one of the most frequent is through seizures.

When the local health authority finds irregularities on farms – such as the absence of ear tags or other bureaucratic failures to ensure the traceability of animals – the standard procedure would be to cull them with subsequent destruction of their bodies.

As if they were not living beings but mere garbage.

Fortunately, there are sanctuaries, and more and more veterinary staff are suggesting fostering seized animals at our facilities!

So it happened to five dwarf goats, two males, and three females, who arrived here from a nearby farm.

Dwarf goats – sometimes mistakenly called Tibetan goats – are a species native to Africa and imported to Europe with the rise of colonialism. In Italy, they are still bred and used not only for milk production but mainly as “decorative” pets because of their small size.

We immediately castrated the males, but we still did not know that those miniature animals had brought a surprise with them. One after another, each of the baby goats gave birth.

Three of them gave birth to one baby each. All male babies.

Now the whole extended family – which we have dubbed “the dwarf goat gang” – has established its headquarters in what used to be Simone’s office, in the Niccolò’s area, where he spends his days discovering life at the Sanctuary.

None so far seem willing to join the “giant” goats, and we are perfectly fine with that. Here all animals have the freedom to decide what to do with their life, according to their character and personality.

Just as a person can decide not to hang out with those they do not like or who do not make them feel comfortable, these miniature goats will be able to decide where and with whom to hang out.

As soon as the local health institution entrusts us with animals like these from seizures for irregularities and mistreatment, all the responsibility falls on us.

As you know, animal sanctuaries do not receive any subsidies from the government, unlike animal farming industries that receive substantial public subsidies thanks to the CAP – the Common Agricultural Policy that is voted on by the European Parliament every 5 years – which unfortunately still supports the development of the animal farming sector, even though it is now known that animal farming industries are not only not good for the animals, but are also a major problem for public health and the environment.

And that’s where you come in, who through your long-distance adoption help us change the world, one life at a time.

Your continued support helps us to grow, make new projects, and continue to open the doors of the Sanctuary to welcome new animals.


The Dwarf Goat Gang


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