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The free hens community

The Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary free hens group is really large and growing!

Most of them come from farms dedicated to egg production where, as a rule, once they reach the “end of their careers” – when their bodies have been used and consumed to exhaustion – they are loaded onto trucks headed for the slaughterhouse.

Instead, as soon as they enter the sanctuary, the freed hens become part of a community founded on doing nothing, where together with their fellow hens and many other animals of different species, they reclaim their natural spaces and rhythms.

Their eggs do not belong to us, just as their bodies and freedom, which we respectfully observe, celebrate, and cherish. Here they are finally free to spend their days chasing nature’s stimuli, pecking and raiding far and wide; taking relaxing sand baths, and perching on tree branches with their mates.

At the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary, each liberated hen lives out their existence in serenity, without their body being turned into an egg machine, or cut up and sold as meat .


The free hens community



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