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Tananai was born on a dairy cow farm. As a male calf, he had a short and lonely life ahead: separated from his mother so that someone else could take his milk and market it, he would be confined in a cage and artificially fed until he reached the proper weight to be slaughtered.

By a series of coincidences our paths met and we were able to get him out of there. The early days were really difficult and his health condition did not bode well, but Tananai showed great attachment to life and now here he is, growing by leaps and bounds month after month.

As we watch him enjoy the sunshine, grass, smells, and colors of nature in his new home, we cannot stop thinking of the contrast between his carefree beauty and the fate that had been written for him on that farm, where he would be slaughtered very young because the sole purpose of his birth was to take the milk produced (for him!) by his mother.
Raising a calf that has survived the cruel practices of the dairy industry is a painful thing when you think about what this individual leaves behind, but also extremely joyful…when you think about the life of freedom that awaits him at the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary!
We can never replace his mother, but one feeding bottle after another we will “put a patch on it,” as we often say, and as soon as we can, we will entrust him to the wise paws of the great free herd of the sanctuary. Just if he would like to join the other cows because for the moment he seems to much prefer another “species” of companion.
In fact, Tananai has established a very strong bond with the lambs Eddie and Macchia, his now inseparable companions, whom he does not let out of his sight for a second and with whom he shares wonderful days made up of playfulness, chases, feeding bottles and long exploratory expeditions in search of the best grass.





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