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Santiago comes from Sicily, where because of his mighty size and physical prowess he was destined to enter the racing circuit or to be used to pull those carriages that in many Italian cities still constitute a dreary and widespread tourist attraction. At the end of his “career”, as happens to most horses, he would end up at the slaughterhouse.

But one day his path met with ours, and things turned out very differently!

Stepping through the gate of the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary, Santiago left behind the bleak and painful fate that someone wanted to write for him, finally free to self-determine and live away from all forms of coercion and subjugation. This place has given him back ample space to run and weave relationships of complicity and friendship with the other inhabitants of the sanctuary.

Santiago is a prominent figure within the group: a respected creature, fascinating and irrepressible, like the freedom that his unique personality and grandiose size embody, express, and represent!





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