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Regan and the flock of sheep

From one of Italy’s largest slaughterhouses to the Free All Goat Sanctuary: this is Regan’s story.

We met him bleating desperately through the bars of a truck at the entrance to the large ILCO slaughterhouse in Acquapendente, a facility that prides itself on being an Italian excellence, a leading company in the industry with a slaughter capacity of more than 800,000 individuals a year. Individuals like Regan and his companions and fellow travelers. Through dialogue with the slaughterhouse owners, we were able to secure his release and bring him here, where he found the sanctuary’s large multispecies family to welcome him.

Regan’s story represents that of many other sheep that inhabit the sanctuary. Mothers exploited to the point of exhaustion because of continuous pregnancies and milkings that arrive here as a result of liberations and kidnappings; sons and daughters found abandoned in the fields, just hours after birth, in those pastures that just before the Christmas and Easter holidays are filled with lambs and baby lambs delivered to be slaughtered a few days old and end up on our tables laid in the name of a cruel tradition.

For all of them a different ending is written here: the chance to heal from the traumas they have suffered, to regain possession of their bodies, and to develop family ties and affections elsewhere denied.



Regan and the flock of sheep



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