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We met Raoul at a dramatic moment in his life, he was only a few hours old and still wet with amniotic fluid: his mother had not even made it in time to clean him when he was taken away.

He stood there in that concrete hallway, shivering and listening to his mother calling to him from behind the steel bars in despair as she had done with her previous babies.

They were going to lock him up in one of those stalls where all the calves that are born on farms where cows are exploited for milk production are put. Artificially fed, just long enough to reach the right weight he would end up at the slaughterhouse. But things turned out very differently. Massimo and Raoul in that hallway, facing each other, two destinies meeting: we haven’t left each other since.

We grew up together: today Raoul is six years old and has developed a personality as unique as his thick, soft red coat. Besides being a crazy cool guy Raoul is also a good, loving, kind, and welcoming giant who has so much to teach everyone who comes in contact with his story of liberation.






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