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Pierporco comes from a terrible situation, the kind that is difficult even to imagine, but which unfortunately is a dramatic everyday reality on farms.

Her mother, after spending her entire pregnancy and lactation imprisoned in a restraining cage with no opportunity to move and express her natural needs and instincts, could not handle the severe stress and literally went crazy and began harming her puppies. At that point, it was the breeder himself who contacted the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary to entrust us with the only ones left alive, among whom was Pierporco.

Telling his story is difficult and painful, but it helps us help more and more people understand what happens in these dark places, where a life of segregation in a hostile and loveless environment leads animals to despair and, oftentimes, even to self-harm.

After being taken in here Pierporco finally left all this violence behind, finding a new family and a peaceful environment. Over the years he has grown strong and healthy, and his majestic size fully testifies to that!

Pierporco spends his days in total freedom between long periods of sleep, big eats, and the occasional walk to stretch his paws. But his real passions are belly scratching and the ever-present mud baths – a real unmissable must-have spa treatment for all free pigs.





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