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At just a few months old, Niccolò fell on the concrete in the barn of the farm where he was being held and suffered a severe spinal injury.

As soon as we became aware of it, we took action to assess his chances of recovery and decided to take him away.

At that point, on the advice of our trusted veterinarian, Niccolò was admitted to the Veterinary University of Perugia.

Transported by the same truck that normally takes animals to the slaughterhouse – but which this time served as an ambulance -, Niccolo was escorted to the clinic, and then, after a few weeks, aboard that same truck, he finally passed through the gate of the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary.

More than a year has passed since then. Even when progress seemed slow and imperceptible, we did not give up. Nor did Niccolò give up, who himself struggled to get up on his feet and walk, always assisted by his osteopath Virginia.

Thanks to a long and arduous rehabilitation process, to date, Niccolò has regained muscle tone and agility: he can stand on his paws and lead a happy, dignified, and, above all, free life.

He is probably the first calf in Italy to receive this type of care, as the animal farming industry does not invest money and energy to care for an animal with disabilities, especially when the cost of care exceeds the economic value placed on their life.

But we know very well that things are very different inside animal sanctuaries, and no one life’s value is measured by profit. That is why we are here today, watching him grow and rehabilitate.

Niccolò cannot join the rest of the herd because the size and impetuosity of the other cows might unintentionally pose a danger to his health, but he is happy anyway because has formed incredible friendships with Pirippi the goose, Regan the sheep, and all the dogs and turkeys that frequent the protected area dedicated to him.





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