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Lorenzino came here to the Sanctuary shortly after Bruno’s death, not to replace an affection that had passed away, but because he was looking for help and we welcomed him.

Lorenzino was born on the night of St. Lawrence in 2019, in a small local farm run by a young breeder who knows us and follows us through social media and who, moved by Bruno’s story, wanted to release here at the Sanctuary the only male calf born that year on her farm.

Before arriving here Lorenzino had never been out of his stable: for him, the world had narrow and sad boundaries.

If we had not met, Lorenzino would never have seen the sky and known the grass; he would not have run free at breakneck speed, he would not have felt the rain on his skin because from that barn he would have been taken straight to the slaughterhouse.

Known for his stylish and irresistible hair fringe, today Lorenzino has grown to become one of the most powerful individuals in the cow herd in which he has forged deep friendships, foremost among them with Raoul. He has a lively, expansive, and playful nature and madly loves grazing in the mountains with the whole group.





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