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Kruzco and family

Kruzco was destined to end up in a zoo, or more likely a circus, to be exploited for entertainment purposes.

Here at the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary, he is free, loved, respected, and acclaimed by thousands of people without doing practically anything: just popping out of a frame during one of our videos is enough to send his audience into raptures.

After many years, in 2022 Kruzco finally found two inseparable companions of his kind: the llamas Marie and Nadine, who arrived here from a private park as the last will of the human who was looking after them.

From the day of their first meeting, when he saw them getting off the truck transporting them in all their aristocratic splendor, Kruzco has not let them out of his sight for a moment and tirelessly chases them up and down the mountain. Woe to those who touch them!

For Kruzco, Marie and Nadine, the past year has been a playground of surprises and truly intense emotions. The expansion of the sanctuary and the purchase of the new land helped give them a new freedom to explore, turning our mountain into a veritable Machu Picchu Libera Tutti!

But the surprises do not end there, for Kruzco’s story is one of revenge on all fronts!

We thought that was infertile because of a genital malformation, the same one that at the time prompted his breeder to dispose of him because he considered him “useless” for reproduction and that constituted his pass to freedom.

But a few months ago we found out that this was not quite the case: with the complicity of the shepherd dogs that assisted and protected them during the birth, Marie and Nadine gave birth to two beautiful creatures.

It was a real surprise: we did not suspect at all that they were pregnant, they did not seem to have gained weight, and the thick fur (as well as the belief that Kruzco was infertile) did the rest. Instead, one day we found ourselves in front of the miracle of life, which is then nothing more than the course of nature in all its glory: two little llamas, whom we named Ambeta and Tina.

Although the Sanctuary is not a breeding place and this pregnancy was totally unexpected, we feel a sense of extreme happiness in front of these puppies. It enlarges our hearts to think that Kruzco, after so many vicissitudes and so many years of loneliness, has been able to create a family for himself in an environment that will allow him to live it in total freedom.




Kruzco and family



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