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Ferruccio comes from a small nearby farm that breeds cows for meat.

Born from a complex twin birth, probably due to a wrong maneuver during birth, he suffered a fracture and dislocation in his left hind leg.

While the farmer wanted to kill him right away, the farmer’s young son who had witnessed the birth and empathized with him asked his father to save him.

When they contacted us to take him in, we did not hesitate for a moment: in such cases, prompt action must be taken before the fractures calcify and the injuries become irreparable, causing permanent disability.

Although all the doctors consulted had come out in favor of euthanasia, Ferruccio was operated on in Pescara by a veterinarian as brave and visionary as we were!

The hospitalization was long and complex, but after months of recovery and treatment, Ferruccio is finally back at the Sanctuary. Upon his arrival, he found the trusty shepherd dogs protecting and cuddling him.

Today Ferruccio is a healthy being and has regained enviable fitness and agility. His paw is strong and firm and is growing with him. During his convalescence, Ferruccio formed a great friendship with Niccolò and perhaps that is why, even now that he is fully rehabilitated and can explore the Sanctuary and the mountains with the rest of the herd, he prefers to stick around and not lose sight of his inseparable companion. Like every resident of the sanctuary, Ferruccio is also growing and developing his own unique and inimitable character.

Unbelievable to think that no one wanted to give him a chance. Fortunately, there are animal sanctuaries!





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