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Before arriving here, the “terrible” Casimiro had become famous for his numerous acts of rebellion and resistance to human domination that had elevated his story to local headlines.

His “rage” – an expression of a desire for freedom rooted in every sentient individual – was silenced in a slaughterhouse stall, where Casimiro was contained and detained for more than a year.

We can only imagine what he saw, heard, and felt in that dark place.

After numerous and heartfelt appeals, through a long journey from Puglia to Lazio, Casimiro has finally arrived at the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary, where he is regaining serenity and healing from deep trauma, thanks in part to his relationship with the other sanctuary residents.

The wounds these animals bear are often not only physical but also psychological: healing them requires equal care and attention and sometimes a complex and dedicated path.

Stories of rebellion like Casimiro’s are commonplace on farms, trucks, and slaughterhouses around the world. Unfortunately, they only find their proper resonance when these animals are taken into sanctuaries, where humans are no longer enemies but accomplices in their liberation.

Therefore, it is really important to tell and amplify them to encourage a different point of view so that more and more people can finally get to know and recognize other animals as sentient, unique individuals eager for self-determination!





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