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There are animals that seem to have always belonged to certain places and are in perfect symbiosis with them. Just like Carmen, a strong personality in the sanctuary who is always the center of attention with her exuberant personality.

Carmen, traveled from Calabria to arrive at the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary in February 2021.

She was about six months old when she was noticed by the one who later became the humane accomplice in her liberation, entering directly with her head into the lady’s car, who quickly realized that the direction to take was certainly not to the slaughterhouse.

Even when she arrived here after a very long journey, she showed the same resourcefulness and without fear immediately became master of this place, as if she had always inhabited it. Affectionate, curious, and carefree, she always ignored what her fate might have been.

Every day when she shows up at the window, she grabs the bucket where we usually put her food and throws it across the room claiming carrots and attention. We look at her wonderful personality, character and enthusiasm and think how sad this place would be without her if she was slaughtered.

Carmen was Santiago’s first playmate and with her infectious euphoria paved the way for the growth of the sanctuary horse herd, which in the past years has welcomed several new members, including Carmen’s sister Frida.







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