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Alex, Tatanka, Clarabella and Romeo

Once housed in an animal sanctuary, in Italy, an animal is permanently removed from the food chain and excluded from meat and milk production.

He can never again be removed from his family and affections as is the case in breeding farms, but if there is a need he can only be transferred from sanctuary to sanctuary.

This is the case for Alex, Tatanka, Clarabella, and Romeo, four cows who arrived here from the Fattoria delle Coccole, a sanctuary that no longer exists and whose inhabitants have all been relocated and welcomed to other sanctuaries.

Before arriving at the Capra Libera Tutti Sanctuary, Alex and his fellow cows waited several months in a parking stable. We were looking forward to welcoming them, but… we didn’t have the new welcome fence yet!

Their arrival was a much-participated moment for the entire resident herd, who surrounded and welcomed them with ceremonial mooing, agitation, and irrepressible pawing: good thing we worked hard in the meantime, and the fence was almost completed!

Having such a facility is essential because newly arrived animals must have time to settle in, accept and be accepted by the inhabitants of the sanctuary, and also we must have the opportunity to observe them, get to know them, and monitor their health status.

For example, in the case of Alex and Tatanka, we quickly realized that they were particularly undernourished. Perhaps the cause of their excessive weight loss was a metal object in the rumen. But don’t be afraid! Thanks to the prompt intervention of the veterinarian, the four cattle are now under control, and with the right care and supplementation, they will get back into shape and regain weight!

Meanwhile, amidst pushing, bellowing, and sniffing, Alex, Tatanka, Clarabella and Romeo are beginning to socialize with their new companions and enjoy their new freedom.

There is nothing that time, patience, and lots of good quality hay cannot cure.

And thanks to your long-distance adoption, we know that you will also be by our side!


Alex, Tatanka, Clarabella and Romeo



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