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Achille is the second son of the mythical Lara Croft, the cow who freed herself from a nearby farm and joined the Sanctuary free herd finding complicity and protection.

The son probably of an unexpected date between Lara and Lorenzino – which occurred before he was spayed – Achille inherited from his dad the cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and sociability that distinguish him, while from his mother he took the wonderful coat colors and great tenacity and determination.

From his first day here, Achille has been loved and protected by the dogs living in the sanctuary and has not only the privilege of being a freeborn but also of being able to live beside his sister Fiona, Lara’s first daughter born here in the sanctuary after her self-liberation. Lorenzino, Lara, Fiona, and Achille are a family, a small and inseparable herd within a herd.





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