the new veterinary clinic

Now that we have purchased new land and the sanctuary is finally expanding-what will become of the historic house?

She, too, is destined to transform into something more and become–a veterinary clinic dedicated to the inhabitants of the sanctuary!

The number of animals is growing, and it is now necessary to have a space that is equipped to professionally care for them right here in their own homes; avoiding additional stress, often difficult transportation, and also saving on shelter fees.

Most of the equipment has already been donated to us, but the real expense lies in the work needed to transform the old house into something new and truly useful for the sanctuary.

To accomplish this project, there is nothing better than a new challenge on
in which everyone and everyone can participate and support us in an easy, fun and free way!

Each of your new reviews will help us renovate the historic Free All House and turn it into a veterinary clinic dedicated to the sanctuary’s residents!

Without this fence, we cannot move forward with expansion work, welcome new animals, and reopen for visits!

At least
60,000 reviews on abillion
to help us build it: it’s time to start!

How does ABILLION work?

With abillion you can support us with a small daily gesture in an easy, fun and completely free way!

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Simply take one or more photos of the product, upload them to the ‘app and write your review: for each review made abillion will allow you to accumulate credits which you can choose to donate to one of the causes on the list, among which you will find the Free Goat Sanctuary All which is an official Partner!

The more creative your reviews are and contain useful information that you make available to the community, the more you will have the opportunity to accumulate and donate.

Abillion is not just a review app, but a true social media aimed at creating positive connections, triggering widespread and accessible change, and inspiring more and more people people to buy, eat, and then live more kindly and sustainably.

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